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Business Matching

Business Matching & Distributors/Agents/Buyers Searching.

Property & Investment Consult

Property consult in investment/buy/sell/rental.


HR-Headhunt & Outsources recruitment in marketing & IT.

Meet The Team

Our process on creating awesome services and projects.

Businesses Development Dept.

Please contact this team If you are looking for these services

⭕️1.business partner
⭕️2.business matching
⭕️3.investors, joint venture, project funding
⭕️4.buyers sellers searching, distributors agency dealers searching
⭕️5.importers exporters searching
⭕️6.markets survey and research
⭕️7.new markets searching
⭕️8.free sign up for using Thailand database
⭕️9.Sales and Marketing representative and outsourcing

Our team have experience more than 15 years in business consulting, matching in many industries and IT business. We are very successful in marketing and sales with track records.

Our Services

Order Process

1. Enquiry & Concept

Browse through our website. Send us enquiry and concept!

2. Proposal & Quote

We prepare proposal & Quote with option of payment(cash/card/wire etc.)

3. Review Project/Service

Once we're done and send you proposals. You review and check whole project contents, condition of work, time line, policy, price, etc.

4. Payment

Once we're done and send you proposals, then recheck it. If it is OK just click "Check Out" and choose your payment method.

5. Delivery

Delivery time depends on what services that you are buying. It is depending the project/services usually take 15-90 days

6. Enjoy!

Yay! You've received your services. Time to see your business growing up

Contact Us

189/17 Nawamin 163 Rd., Nuanchan, Buengkum, Bangkok 10230 THAILAND
   spreadby@businessmatching.co.uk,   consult@outlook.co.th,   tours@outlook.co.th