Get Professinal Blockchain Services

We are helping from idea to live such as planning process, Documents & White paper, IT & Software Architectures & Development such as launch webpage+system, Marketing & PR, Manual & Policy, etc.,

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Creative and expert Financial Advisers

We are supporting with local Thai individuals & organizations with TAX Organizing & international financial advisers for your business idea such as ICO, STO, Angel Investors, Private Investor etc.,

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Partner of Your Business Growth

We have an over 20 yrs.+ experiences, licensed, certified staffs to assist our clients projects in the pre process & launch in the local market as we have the biggest 2M database with blockchain Technology applying.

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Tax Organizing
Connextra Hub
Connextra Inc
SFA | Singapore Fintech Association
The Federation Of Thai Industries
Connextra Ilease

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Professional Consultancy & Blockchain Services For Business


All of our consultants are knowledge in the scopes & fields of their working projects with 100% certified.


We are planning & preparing our clients proposal within 72 hrs. after get clients needed & clients find fact forms.


Our team leaders & advisers have over 20 yrs. of working experiences in the responsible scopes & field of the projects.


We are dedicated to Business Matching & Advising the best Blockchain Tech. as efficiently as possible & profitable.

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Years of Experiance


About Us

Connextra is Trusted by Businesses Worldwide.

Connextra Co., Ltd. found in 2018 with capital 1 M in Bangkok. In the early of 2021 we add up capital registered 4M to a sum of 5 M THB, preparing to expand the business, by using the new smart contract blockchain technologies to our systems for online automated business matching from our 2M database(Now Thai only). Then the IT team start this project from the mid of 2020 till now. The company runs a business consultancy in business matching ( partners finding) to Thailand, market entry, marketing survey & research, IT & software consult for SMEs, HR outsourcing & headhunt in IT, Sales& Marketing, Tax Organizing & Planning , Blockchain Technology & ICO development Services. Since Covid pandemic, end of 2019 till now clause an economic problem & effected all businesses. The best way is reducing the business cost for the new channel in finding & searching potential clients for 24/7 as the lowest cost. The succeed of this software will also promote our company to be known more widely.

Business Matching & Advising


TAX Organizing & Financial Consultancy


Blockchain Technology & STO, ICO Development


Market Entry, Marketing Services & Growth



We Offer Best Business & Blockchain Consultancy Services in Affordable Cost

Business Advising &
Documents Preparing

Project documents + completly optimised professional Whitepaper, webpage

Blockchain Technologies & STO, ICO Development

ICO & token development services using Ethereum and smart contract creation

Business Matching (Partner Finding)

Importers/Exporters Searching.

TAX Organizing &
Financial Consultancy

Individual and business plannning and organizing from our licenses FA

(IT & Sales + Marketing)

HR-Headhunt & Recruitment in marketing & IT + Software Developing

Market Entry
(MKT Research & Survey)

New Markets Searching & Planning + Sales & Marketing representative

Case Studies

Recent Business
Case Studies

New Corporate Responsibility Metrics

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Searching for a Search Fund Structure

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Shake Shack IPO

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Grow Your Business

Committed to Grow Your Business Like Never Before

We are fully supporting & Advising in 2 scopes:
✔️Business Matching Services; finding partners: importers, buyers, distributors, dealers, sellers, exporters, manufacturers, local representatives, clients lead providing and fully support for market entry, survey, research before get in to the real market from our experiences / license project manager staffs.
✔️Advising & helping for Crowdfunding, Venture capital and angel investors etc., Your business ideas can be made by ICO, etc., We are fully advise & support & make your idea come true.

Fully IT & Software Development, Architectures in Blockchain Technologies such as smart contract, crypto etc.,advising, planing & processing.

✔️Planing & helping with a pre process from scratch to launch (idea to documents) such as white paper, marketing plan, business plan, technical paper, policy, risk management paperwork etc.,
✔️Providing a business landing page + back door systems such as Admin Panel, Investor Panel, Products Selling Panel, etc.,



Meet Our
Committed Team Members


Lt. Gen Viroaj Sing.

Company Advisor


P. Thanawanwanit

Co-Founder and CEO

Business Matching VDO presentation :

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〰️What we do ?
〰️Our Strengths


What Our Clients
Says About Connextra

Chang C.
Feet health products distributor• Singapore

I got an email from Connextra that looked for an exclusive distributor for insole custom made in Singapore. They supported me in the meeting arrangements with the factory owner to gathering with process demonstration and products info. I am interested in this products and the consultant help me to negotiate the price with the factory. I want to visit the factory before ordering but I face with Covid pandemic till now . And I want to say that Connextra provide this services for free for the buyer, distributor, importer side.
I got a free services & fully supported. Thanks for this opportunity & fully support@March2020

Roberto T.
Roberto T.

We are the printer exporter & own the factory in Italy. We used to try to find the distributors & dealers by ourselves but we have a problem with sales target. I met Pat at Bitec fair 2019 at business matching corner. She suggested me to learn the market, clients & who is my real competitors by marketing survey. Firstly I don’t agree with that because we are already in the market here but I have a problem with my 3 local distributors here. Then I tried that suggestion package as a 50% off promo.The results from Connextra was very good & benefits. I know real problems & know real competitors. Then I change my marketing strategy & still selling my products here. Thanks Connextra

Annisa W.

I want to sell Indonesian tea in the bulk packaging to Thailand but there are a lot of competitors there. So I contacted Johny for consultation. He suggested me to do marketing survey first learn about the market here then I will know the competitor & opportunity to get to the market. I bought that package and found a lot of cheaper competitors so I stopped to think about entry to the market as I have only limited marketing budget. Thank you for a good suggestion with advantage info from marketing survey process. I spent only a little money. I think it is better than jumping into the market and fail later. Thank you Johny & Connextra•2018


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